Terms and Conditions
Clause 1 - Company

The methyz.com is owned by Josco Retail, a partnership firm registered as per the Indian Partnership Act 1932. Its corporate office is based at 8/50, Moonalingal, Opp. Beach Fire Station, Calicut. Pin: 673032, Kerala, India.

Customer Support: customercare@methyz.com

Clause 2 - General provisions

The methyz.com Terms and Conditions spell out the parties’ Terms and Conditions for the purposes of the sale of products by methyz.com to clients of the methyz.com website.

The customer hereby acknowledges that she/he has read and accepted the relevant rights and obligations. Any order placed on the website is governed by these conditions.

Each purchase of a product made by the customer on the website under the conditions stated in these Terms and Conditions shall hereinafter be referred to as “the order”.

Clause 3 - Registration

3.1. Access to the Services is only by registration by the customer.

Clause 4 – Placing an order and pricing information

4.1. Customers may place orders at http://www.methyz.com, our website.

4.2. The Customer guarantees that he/she is fully authorised to use the credit/debit card & UPI payments used for paying for his/her order and that this credit/debit card and UPI has sufficient available funds to cover all of the costs incurred as a result of using the methyz.com services.

4.3. The Customer may choose products before the payment by clicking on the “Add to cart” button of the website.

4.4. By clicking the “Checkout” button, it is assumed that the customer has verified the final order in his/her shopping cart after making necessary amendments. After confirming the contents of his/her order, the Customer must make final confirmation by means of payment. The sale agreement between the customer and methyz.com will only become final once the order has been confirmed and the corresponding payment has been made and credited to Josco Retail Bank Account. Methyz.com will always confirm orders received from each customer and inform about the shipment, by e-mail.

4.5. Customers will be informed of the shipping costs for their orders prior to final confirmation.

4.6. Any failure by the Customer to adhere to the obligations entered into under the terms of these Terms and Conditions, and in particular relating to any incident involving the payment of the price of an order, may lead to suspension of access to the methyz.com service, or even the closing of the Customer’s account according to the degree of seriousness of the action in question, without prejudice to any damages which methyz.com might seek. As a result, methyz.com reserves the right to refuse any order from a Customer with whom there is any such dispute.

Clause 5 – Conformity of products

5.1. The methyz.com will make every effort to ensure that the photographs of provided products on the website are as accurate as possible. However, given the digital method used to display the products on the Internet, it is possible that the customer’s perception of the photographs of a product may not exactly match the product itself.

5.2. At methyz.com, we stand behind the quality of our products and we will provide an exchange for manufacturing defects. In the event of manufacturing defect of any product delivered to the customer, the latter may return it to methyz.com following the below procedure.

Step 1 > Send a mail to customercare@methyz.com, along with the invoice number, explaining the defect and attach a photograph of the same.

Step 2 > Only after the approval/confirmation from methyz.com through email, the customer can send the product back.

Step 3 > The customer should send the product within three days after the receipt of the mail confirmation.

The customer may ask methyz.com:

– To deliver a product which is identical to the one ordered, subject to stock availability

– To deliver a product of an equivalent price, subject to stock availability

– To deliver a gift voucher at an equivalent price with a validity of six months

– To refund the price of the product within fourteen(14) days maximum after receiving the product returned by the customer.

The methyz.com will reply within three (3) working days after the examination of the request for any changes in order. The cost of returning the defective product ordered, along with any delivery of another product, shall be covered by methyz.com. The replaced product will be shipped by methyz.com within in four (4) working days of receiving the defective product.

Clause 6 – Availability of products

If an order is totally or partially unavailable after the order is made, the Customer shall be informed by e-mail of the delivery of a partial order or the cancellation of his or her order.

If the product is not available the Customer then has the right to ask methyz.com

– To deliver a product of an equivalent price, subject to stock availability

– To deliver a gift voucher at an equivalent price with a validity of six months

– To refund the price of the product within fourteen (14) days maximum after conformation of cancellation of an order by the customer.

Clause 7 – Cancellation


The Customer has the right to cancel any order placed on the methyz.com within twenty-four hours from the date of his/her order placement.

To cancel a product, the Customer must state his or her intention sending an e-mail to customercare@methyz.com. The cancellation of an order is shown as a cancelled transaction; this information is available at all times on the website in the “My Account” section, which can only be accessed by the Customer in question. The methyz.com will refund the price of the product within fourteen (14) days maximum after conformation of cancellation of an order.

Clause 8 – Customer’s procedure for returning and exchange of a product

In order to be fully eligible for the conditions of Clause 5 “Conformity” or if there is a mistake in the choice of the size, except in the case of “Make Your Methyz” product, the Customer must return the product to methyz.com following the below procedure

Step 1 > Send an e-mail to customercare@methyz.com, along with the invoice number.

Step 2 > Only after the approval/confirmation from methyz.com through email, the customer can send the product back.

Step 3 > The customer should send the product within three days after the receipt of the mail confirmation.

– The product must be properly protected, with its original packaging, in perfect condition for the purposes of resale (not damaged or soiled) together with tags, any instructions and documentation;

– The product must not clearly have been subject to lasting use (longer than a few minutes), in other words the products must not show marks of extended use beyond the time required to test them and must be in a condition allowing them to be resold.

You cannot return an item which has been purchased online by taking it to any of our retail stores.

The cost of returning and reshipment of the product shall be covered by the customer.

Clause 9 – Payment

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Maestro),Debit Cards and UPI payments. In accordance with existing information protection regulations, methyz.com does not store Customers’ bank details. Customers should therefore save and print the payment document if they wish to have a copy of the transaction details.

Clause 10 – Security

The methyz.com has one of the most efficient current site secure systems. Not only does it use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, it has also reinforced all of the various encryption processes in order to provide the most effective protection possible for all sensitive payment information. Methyz.com does not have access to any confidential information about the means of payment. This is why the Customer will be asked for his or her banking details each time that he/she makes an order.

Clause 11 – Delivery

Place of delivery

The products will be sent to the delivery address which the customer gives during the order process. Notice of all deliveries is given by e-mail.

When an order is shipped, methyz.com provides an original invoice including the delivery costs by email.

In the event of a partial shipment, there will be a delivery note in the package effectively summarising the products.

The Customer must choose the place of delivery. Our shipping partners are Shree Maruti couriers and India Post.

A maximum order for 10 pairs of Methyz can be made at a time.

Currently we ship only in India. For International Orders/delivery please visit www.methiyadi.comime.

Delivery time

We have an average delivery time of 7 days. The maximum delivery time is fifteen(15) working days from the date when the order is shipped, unless stated otherwise to the Customer prior to the shipment of the order. In this case, methyz.com will give the Customer an estimated range of delivery date. The customer will receive an email with the tracking number as soon as the order is shipped.

Delays in delivery

In case of delay in delivery beyond stipulated period, the customer may contact methyz.com customer services department, whose contact details are shown in the “FAQ’S” section of the website, by selecting the topic to which his or her request relates.

Indeed, methyz.com shall not be liable to the Customer under the Terms and Conditions in any way whatsoever for destruction, damage, delay or inability to carry out its business arising out of war or civil commotion, strikes, lockout and industrial disputes, failure of utility service or transport network, fire, storm, explosion, floods or bad weather, breakdown of machinery or plant, malicious damage, compliance with any law governmental order rule direction or regulation or any default of suppliers or sub-contractors. The methyz.com shall further be under no liability to the customer for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Partial delivery

The customer will be informed of the partial delivery of an order by an e-mail. A second e-mail will be sent informing you of the delivery of the other products ordered.

No delivery

The customer has the right to cancel his or her order within a delay of twenty-four hours after his/her order. Methyz.com will ask its bank to refund the Customer within a maximum of fourteen (14) working days maximum following his or her request to cancel.

Delivery made

Each delivery is deemed to have been made once the product has been handed over to the customer by the courier.

When a package leaves the methyz.com warehouse, it will be sent on to its destination by the designated courier.

The Customer is informed of the shipment by an e-mail, of the products sent and informing him/her of the tracking number so that the Customer can track his/her shipment on the website of the courier.

After the validation of the order, the shipment will be made within four working days.

a. If an attempted delivery is failed by the shipping partner, they notify the customer an alternative delivery date. If the customer is not available, he/she has to contact the shipping partner in order to accept a mutually agreed delivery date.

b. If this period of time should elapse, the methyz.com will not be responsible for any claim.

Lost Packages

If neither the courier service nor the tracking system show any trace of this package even after one month, the customer must send an e-mail at customercare@methyz.com. The methyz.com customer relations department will then take up the issue with the courier service. The customer will then receive an e-mail informing him/ her that an enquiry is underway. It usually takes Shree Maruti seven (7) working days to give methyz.com a final answer. For India Post, it usually takes twenty (20) working days.

– If the package is found it will then be sent to the Customer: the receipt procedure then follows its normal course (leaving of the package or notice of attempted delivery).

– If the package is declared to be lost, methyz.com then notifies the customer and immediately proceeds to the formalities for refunding the order for the lost package (products and delivery charges).

Clause 12 – Alterations to the Terms and Conditions of Sale

Methyz.com reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions.

Customers agree to comply with the current version of Terms and Conditions by only ordering and purchasing on methyz.com’s website.

Notice of any new version thereof will be given in advance on the first page of the “FAQ’s” section.

Any customer who does not wish the contractual relations to be governed by the new version of the applicable Terms and Conditions of Sale to any new order must give notice of this and, from the date on which the new version becomes effective, they must cease to use the methyz.com services.

Clause 13 – Privacy Policy

The methyz.com endeavours to respect the confidentiality of any personal data provided by Customers on the website.

The methyz.com informs its Customers that their personal data will be used internally.

– inform the Customer of ongoing or upcoming sales by invitation and reminder emails;

– process the Customer’s order;

– strengthen and personalise communications by means of newsletters, special offers and special dedicated offers of products.

If the customer does not want to receive newsletters, the customer can use the “My account/Newsletters” page to modify these settings.

However methyz.com informs its customers that it will communicate personal data of Customers to ensure the good delivery of their orders by its Logistics partners, some aspects of the After-Sale Services, and to conduct satisfaction surveys. Moreover, methyz.com will also communicate these data where necessary to respond to a legal authority injunction.

Also, methyz.com collects anonymous traffic information to remember the Customer in order to deliver better and to provide a more personalized service e.g. track her/his entry in the promotion schemes of the company, recognize the usage privileges of the website, administer and manage smooth functioning of the website by diagnosing problems, track her/his section, and activities so that the company can understand better how Customers use the methyz.com. You have the option to provide demographic information (such as occupation, education and gender) to us and methyz.com encourages the customer to submit this information so the company can provide to the customer a more personalized experience on the website.

Where the customer has given consent, either at the point at which it registers onto the site, or later on in consultation of its account page once registered, to the receipt of emails from methyz.com. The methyz.com may send information or promotional emails to the Customer.

The Customer may exercise his or her right of access to the file and his or her right of rectification or deletion with regard to any personal data about him or her:

– By going to the “FAQ’s” section of the methyz.com website and selecting “Issues related to My Account” and then confirm that the Customer wants to cancel his or her account;

– Or either by sending his or her request to customercare@methyz.com (stating his or her e-mail address, surname, first name and postal address).

– Or by post to the following address: Josco Retail, 8/50, Moonalingal, Opp. Beach Fire Station, Calicut Pin: 673032 Kerala, India

If the customer has any questions regarding the statement, he/she can email to customercare@methyz.com

Clause 14. Miscellaneous

These Terms and Conditions do not harm any statutory right of methyz.com’s customers.

In the event that any one of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Sale should be deemed to be illegal or non-binding pursuant to a legal decision, the other provisions shall remain effective.

The information delivered by the website is deemed to be authentic in dealings between the parties. Details such as the time of receipt or of sending, along with the quality of the data received shall be deemed to be authentic, with priority given to the data recorded on methyz.com’s IT systems, or as authenticated by methyz.com’s computer procedures, unless the Customer can prove otherwise in writing. The scope of the proof of the information delivered by methyz.com’s computer systems is that granted to an original written document on paper, signed by hand.

Clause 15. Law – Disputes

These Terms and Conditions of Sale in the English language shall be performed and interpreted in accordance with Indian legislation.

In the event of a dispute, the Customer must first of all contact methyz.com in order to attempt to reach a friendly solution.

Failing this, the sole jurisdiction will be at Calicut, Kerala, India.

Clause 16. Copyright and using risk

The visitor should assume that all materials, designs, text and images (collectively, the “Materials”) contained in the website are either the copyrighted property of Josco Retail / Josco Group, unless otherwise noted.

The visitor may download one single hard copy of materials displayed on the website for non-commercial, personal use only, provided however, you do not delete or change the copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices contained on the materials.

The customer may not modify, alter or change any materials or distribute, publish, transmit, reuse, re-post or use the content of the site for public or commercial purposes, including, without limitation, the text, images, audio and video. Unauthorized use of the materials is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the rights of methyz.com/ Josco Retail including, without limitation, under copyright laws, trademark laws or any other laws.

The trademarks displayed on the website are registered and unregistered Trademarks of Josco Group/Josco Retail/ Methyz.com. Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the website, or any license or right to use any other trademark owned by any other third party. In the event that you misuse any trademark in violation of these Terms and Conditions, either Josco Group/Josco Retail/ Methyz.com jointly, severely and aggressively will enforce its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including the seeking of criminal prosecution.

Use of and browsing in the site is done at user’s own risk. Neither methyz.com nor any other party involved in creating, producing or delivering the website shall be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of your access to, or use of, or browsing the website, or downloading of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio from the website, including, without limitation, damage to, or viruses that may infect, your computer equipment or other property as a result thereof.