About Us

Methyz footwear is designed, registered and owned by Josco Group. Josco Retail is a division of Josco Group based in South India, who are pioneers in the field of footwear manufacturing and distribution in India and international markets since 1972.

Know Your Methyz Better

Methyz, inspired by the ancient wooden ‘Padukas’, is made from natural rubber from the world famous rubber plantations of God’s Own Country-Kerala. Methyz is designed for total comfort. Our footwear is joint free to minimize breakage. The mushroom shaped knob in front is designed to fit snuggly between the toes to provide a firm grip, while the rubber straps are designed to fit comfortably around the contours of the feet.

Methyz for everyone, anywhere and any time

We believe in democratising fashion; Methyz are worn by top style icons and celebrities to the spunky kid next door. While the basic model is unisex, we provide variants for specific segments.

Whether you are a globetrotter or an adventure junky, Methyz makes a perfect fit for your feet. Methyz makes a good companion while sipping a chilled mock tail at a beach or cruising through malls and high street for shopping.

Reasons To Shop With Us

Fast national & international delivery

Fast national & international delivery

Fast national & international delivery