Shipping & Delivery

Shipping and Delivery

Twenty-four hours after the validation of your order, the request to create your order is conveyed to the factory. After four (4) working days, the shipment is done. You will get an email intimating you of your order and the tracking number. We have an average delivery time of seven (7) days. The maximum delivery time is fifteen (15) days from the date when the order is shipped, unless stated otherwise to the Customer prior to the shipment of the order.

Shipping Area & cost

The Customer must choose the place of delivery. Our shipping partners are Shree Maruti Couriers and India Post.

A maximum order for 10 pairs of Methyz can be made at a time.

During the order process, we will inform you of the price of delivery.

Currently we ship only in India. For International Orders/delivery please visit

Delivery Issue

Despite our efforts and that of our partners, some technical problem may manifest. In order to offer you a high quality service, we try to do everything possible to identify the origin of these problems.

Can I ship different items in my order to different shipping addresses?

One order will take only one shipping address. If another pair is to be shipped to another address, it has to be made as a separate order since one order gives only a single address option.

How many pairs can I buy in one order?

A single order can be made upto ten pairs only. Anything beyond ten pairs will have to be made in the next order.

And if the package presents damage traces?

It is your responsibility to check shipments upon arrival and to make any reservations and claims which might appear to be justified, or even to refuse the package, if it is likely to have been opened or if it shows clear traces of damage. You have to contact the customer service department of the shipper and as soon as possible.

I received my order partially.

However, before sending your order, we will intimate you by email that some of our products are not available. We are able to suggest you to wait seven (7) days with the hope that the ordered product(s) will be available, or to accept a gift voucher or another product at an equivalent price or provide a partial refund.
If there is still a discrepancy, please check your purchase and contact us by email at

I received a defective product

In the event of manufacturing defect of any product delivered to the customer, the latter may return it to following the below procedure

Step 1 > Send an e-mail to, along with the invoice number, explaining the defect and attach a photograph of the same.

Step 2 > Only after the approval/confirmation from through email, the customer can send the product back.

Step 3 > The customer should send the product within three days after the receipt of the mail confirmation.

The customer may ask

– To deliver a product which is identical to the one ordered, subject to stock availability;

– To deliver a product of an equivalent price, subject to stock availability;

– To deliver a gift voucher at an equivalent price with a validity of six months;

– To refund the price of the product within fourteen (14) days maximum after receiving the product returned by the customer. will reply within three (3) working days after the examination of the request for any changes in order.

The cost of returning the defective product ordered, along with any delivery of another product, shall be covered by The replaced product will be shipped by within in four working days of receiving the defective product.